Emmanuel Baptist Church Mission Statement:
To inspire the community to commit to Jesus Christ and become members of His fellowship, and to develop them into Christ like persons who are equipped to do ministry in the community and world in order to magnify and glorify God.


The Emmanuel Vision

The Emmanuel Vision is about creating a sacred space where the well and the ill, the loyal and the lost, the revered and the rejected, the fervent and the frustrated will find acceptance and love, healing and hope, equality and empowerment, and encouragement and empathy in the name of Jesus Christ.  The vision seeks to share God’s liberating Good News of Jesus Christ with the thousands of people in our village (5-10 minute radius of our church).  We envision a church where through fellowship and love, members are there for each other, “one for all and all for one,” to care and support each other.

The Emmanuel vision consists of spiritually and culturally developing and maturing members through mature biblical and faith studies, spirituality and denominational education, family and parenting life skills information, African/African American studies/traditions, and technological orientation and training through workshops, seminars, retreats, classes and conventions.