The role of the Deacon Board is to provide support to the Pastor and church in carrying out the mission in the community and world that liberates and redeems in order to magnify God.


The Deacon’s Family Ministry provides support to EBC Families based upon the assignments below.

 Canty, CurtisDea Canty  336-659-8433    D – T
 Cooper, HelenDea Cooper  336-777-3469    Q – U – W – Y
 Dodd, Jerry Dea Dodd  336-595-4246    A – E
 Fields, TerryDea T Fields  336-992-0451   B
 Fields, VelmaDea V Fields
 Futrell, WendellDea Futrelll  336-499-0971   I – K – P – V
 Hosch, WayneDea Hosch  336-785-1728   S
 Jordan, JamesDea Jordan  336-774-7035   N – O – R
 Millner, GloriaDea Millner  336-788-9659   P
 Prince, DarrylDea Prince  336-785-0286   J
 Reeves,  WilliamDea Reeves  336-764-1060   M
 Smith, HessieDea Smith D09  336-767-8968   F
 Squire, Kevin            (Board Chairman)Dea Squire D07  336-650-0523   G –  H – X – Z
 Williams, Jacob


(No Photo Available)

 336-765-6470     L

 Emeriti Deacons:  Mary Jenkins, Sammy Torbit, Willie Torbit, Leroy Wall