Public Relations

Mission Statement

The purpose of this committee is to honestly and creatively publicize the events and activities held at and/or sponsored by Emmanuel Baptist Church by contacting local, regional, and national television stations, radio stations, newspapers and other relevant external publications or
communication mediums. This committee is not responsible for disseminating information internally within the church. Nor, was this committee designed to create or disseminate flyers, banners, or letters etc. as part of their duties.

As it states in the committee’s Bylaws, the information for publication will be truthful, inspiring, enlightening, informative, and educational for church members and the community concerning the activities, organizations, and events of the church and its members. The information will be written in the form of press releases and public service announcements.

These documents will represent Emmanuel Baptist Church as a church that
seeks to celebrate God’s presence through worship; communicate God’s word through evangelism; incorporate God’s families into Fellowship; educate and teach God’s people through discipleship.